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Novakid Partner Program

Novakid offers one of the most attractive Partner Programs in the EdTech industry.


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Educator Program

We recently piloted a project with educators in Italy: The concept is to provide participating schools with English learning materials to use in their English classes. The idea is not to be “didactic” or to compete with the teachers, but rather to provide content and support to teachers that allows the children to have fun and play while they are learning something useful.

Teachers and parents were invited to participate in Novakid open lessons e.g. Halloween or crafting workshops that we conduct on a regular basis. We also supplied training materials for English teachers.


Free trials were offered by teachers as an advanced English learning tool for parents who wanted to improve their child’s performance in class. If these parents wished to subscribe to the service, they were given a promo code.



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Overall, the project was a success

Teachers used the educational material and in doing so, entered their schools into the league table. Participating schools gave us positive feedback – they commented that they thought the content was useful, valuable and engaging. This is something we’d like to extend to other countries in the near future.

  • 455 Schools participated
  • 2.8 classes per school were conducted
  • 339 schools entered the league table on our website
  • 594 teachers used our materials
  • 1.275 classes were conducted
  • there was a 74.43% participation rate of classes who completed the project

Should you wish to roll out this program in your school, please email